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March 15,2017 | Sharon Korotkin
Unmatched in elegance and beauty, the rose - National Flower, Queen of Flowers, messenger of love - has been revered for eons. Omnipresent on the world’s palette of flowers, it is entangled in history and is humanity’s longest love affair. No other flower has been so exalted and valued in cultivation. A profusion of hues dazzles the senses with
December 19,2016 | Sharon Korotkin
“They are hot and moist in operation, under the dominion of Venus, and provoke lust exceedingly” -British herbal guide, 1653The above quote refers to orchids, the passion of aficionados for centuries. If you’ve ever throbbed over the world’s sexiest flowers, but have been flustered about caring for them, don’t be discouraged. Mastering th
June 19,2016 | Sharon Korotkin
June without flowers would be like weddings without brides or bouquets. Seasonally, 35 percent of weddings take place in summer when flowers are in riotous abundance. These lovely adornments of nature create an ambiance and mood so necessary at a wedding. First impressions relate to color and there are six million detectable to the human eye. One o